A short list of awesome things Ben Smith did this weekend at the convention: 

  1. If he wasn’t a hockey player he would be a teacher. (I need the fic where Ben Smith is a kindergarten teacher so bad, you don’t even know). 
  2. To support the fact that he would be an excellent teacher, he managed to blaze through a set of Taboo-esque clues about space helping his partner guess all five in under thirty seconds (HE WOULD BE A GREAT TEACHER)
  3. When asked about women’s hockey he talked about how great it was to play against the USWNT in for a game at his high school prep school and how the only difference was size and strength, and that the women probably had more skill than the men. He also name checked some fellow BC alums who played for the team at this Olympics, including Kelli Stack.
  4. His biceps were looking very nice, as was his adorable smile. Also dat ass.
  5. He likes cats, and has a cat named Tom that loves dogs. 
  6. During the dads panel he was nominated as the best future dad (and seriously, look at his face in that video of about cats, I can’t even).
  7. He helped encourage Captain Selfie and was very mentory to all of the new Hawks bbies.
  8. Gave great quotes to the Red Eye about the first time he met Kaner and Tazer.  

Basically Ben Smith is great and I love him lots. 

i just need to get my shit together
— me in 2009/2012/this time last year/a minute ago/next year probably (via guy)

 g o a l i e s


Breeder Amy Green laughs as her 3-year-old Samoyed, Bogey, who sleeps with his tongue out during grooming.


Here have some precious swedish goalie named Jacob Markström, featured an appearance from little darling Eddie Lack.


i miss harry potter i miss midnight book release parties i miss reading until i physically can’t stay awake any longer i miss the anticipation for the next story i miss midnight movie premieres i miss dressing up sweater tie cloak and all for the midnight movie premieres i miss the WB logo zooming in to hedwig’s theme i miss crying with 400 other fans in the theater over character deaths I MISS HARRY POTTER SO FUCKING MUCH i’ll never be okay again

hockey legends and their nicknames


Captain’s duties: casually holding people back from your center.


We’re not convinced the Hannibal Writers aren’t just a room full of people Bryan found on Tumblr. Which means you should probably follow them.

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